Like a series of waves, life tumbles upon the beach of our souls.

Surging, ebbing, trials, and tribulations wash ashore. But what do we allow to stay behind?

We can glean analogies of struggles and tangled masses of seaweed, or the debris of unforgiveness lying about. We all need to keep our coast clean, so to speak. However, this morning I thought about something else.

It’s not Mother’s or Father’s Day, but I thought about my parents. I remembered a specific occurrence that took place, which changed the course of my life. Then an undercurrent pulled me to another direction, and I thought about–them.

What upsurge took place in their lives? What did they endure? Did they encounter sorrow because of the death of a loved one; did they receive shame because they were fired from a job? Were they able to withstand temptation, or did they ever feel they weren’t loved?

These events can occur, but my parents didn’t share what washed upon the beach of their lives. However, realizing they must have received a multitude of pounding undulations throughout the years gave me a different perspective of who they were; their frailties, and mine.

My question today to you is, what was on your parents’ beach?