On a normal Sunday morning at church, my husband and I finished greeting visitors in the reception room.

I proceeded to leave the sanctuary. Approached by a fellow worshiper, I extended my hand and greeted him. We spoke a few moments and then he asked, “How is your daughter?” I knew he referred to my oldest because she took a class which he taught. In a millisecond, my emotions grasped into the past, into years of on-and-off-again communication with my firstborn. My eyes began to tear, and with a sinking heart I blurted, “I don’t know. I haven’t heard from her. I’ve tried to call but her phone is disconnected.” Then I quickly said, “I appreciate your prayers.” He nodded, and walked away.

I marched through the door to the foyer. Outside, another acquaintance passed. We greeted one another, and she asked, “How’s your daughter?”
Again, I knew who she meant. My eldest was the only one she’d know. I responded, “I don’t know. I haven’t seen her or heard from her. No phone ….,” and my voice trailed off. A longing for my “missing” daughter crept in.
And that’s when she said, “But you have a promise.”
I stopped. The words flashed like light in a darkened room. I do have a promise. If I believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, I will be saved and my household.

God repeated those words in me in the past few weeks. Today, I have a firm belief. I know it’s true. I don’t exactly know what occurred between these two conversations, but I’m sure God worked through both of them. The Lord drew attention to the matter. Like a good husbandman of my spirit, the Lord found the “weed” of disbelief, withdrew it, and replaced it with faith. Because I have a promise, I have a new answer to, “How’s your daughter?” Acts 16:31