As of 2013, there were about 7.125 billion people on earth. Multiply that number by however many issues each may have, and we find myriads of struggles can exist in the world. Nevertheless, there is an answer. The question is—is the answer enough

First, let’s look at the types problems that exist: abuse, addiction, anger, bad relationships, bitterness, boredom, fear, guilt, hatred, inferiority, insecurity, jealousy, lack of love, loneliness, and resentment—to name a few. I Googled this list, adding a few as I went along. The one that drew my attention was lack of love. As I read, I realized this was a root of many of them. But what do you do about a lack of love if you’re lonely or if you’re bitter? Weren’t we created to love?

That’s part of the answer. We were. And who created us? God did, and He is love (1 John 4:16).

You may say, “Okay, maybe the problem’s nailed, but I’m not sure how this solves the difficulty.”

Let’s view the issue as an open lesion. It would need medication. The “medication” is love, but not just anyone’s. It needs His love.

When we apply (receive and understand) His love, those problematic holes disappear. The “wounds” heal with new “peach fresh” skin. I hope you caught the words understand and receive. It’s a two-way street, He loves you, and when you understand and receive it, it’s natural to love Him. The question again is, “Is it enough?”

I sincerely hope it is. Basking in His magnificent devotion, kindness, patience, protection, and tenderness, to name a few, heals all. When His love is enough, there can’t be bitterness, fear, loneliness, or any of the untold number of problems. His love fills us and carries the dregs of despair away. When we receive His love, we are wrapped and bound in the glorious Spirit of God. A bit like heaven.

The outcome for us is we become what we were created to be—a vessel of love. That, my friend, is the answer. Is it enough? It is for me. I hope it is for you.