The Making of Angels

The Making of Angels Front Cover from Publisher

The Making of Angels

What will remain after these fiery trials?

Lev, an angel fashioned from the dusty landscape of Venus, ardently desires the end of his training session. At its conclusion, he and the rest of the squadron can possess the power of flight. But there’s a devil in the classroom. A seasoned warrior from the underworld limps to the front of the room. He dupes the six-pack of adolescent angels with his oratory powers. Will innocence give way to dire consequences or will they be justified?

On earth, Austin undergoes an intense temptation as he prays fervently for his loved ones. He’s the head domino and all will tumble in line if he falls. At the same time, in a town close by, a ruinous storm and threat of a tornado bears down. Doug attempts to flee, triggering an accident. His body plunges into the air, as if liquid sucked through a straw. All goes black. He awakens, unsure if it’s a horrific nightmare or if reality has taken a dark turn.

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