Some may groan, “Oh no” when Valentine’s Day rolls around.
Nevertheless, love is grand, right? It’s what makes the world swirl on its axis and puts the curl in curlicue. Below are 4 not-easily-recognized fabulous facts about love that will enhance your life.
1. Love Others. We’re told to love others, so shouldn’t it be simple? Not always. Sometimes people are difficult. Au contraire, we might be found problematic in the eyes of someone else. So why not lay your weapons down and decide to adore others? Your skate through life will be smoother.
2. Others’ Love for You. There it is. How DO people feel about you? As mentioned, if you put forth good vibrations, in most cases it will be reciprocal. I adore what our pastor Marilyn Hickey says, “I love _____, and _____ loves me!” It’s a joy-infusing way of life!
3. Love Yourself. There’s plenty to go around when you do! In fact, in item 1 above, we’re told to love others AS WE love ourselves. Beauteous, fabulous, love all around.
4. This 4th fact is the one misunderstood and overlooked the most, though it has existed before time began. Its power can sometimes be overwhelming, but let’s face it, God’s Crazy about You. Before the world existed (you know the one that love spins), His all-encompassing love—was. Without it there would be nothing. I can’t say it enough, God is crazy about you. To quote Max Lucado, “He loves each one of us like there is only one of us to love,” (which there is!)
There they are, the fabulous 4. Now, turn them upside down!
Start with the last point, God’s love for you. When you grasp this concept and know that He loves you, (why wouldn’t you when God does), it will change your love for yourself. Items 1 and 2, loving others and theirs for you, flow together when 1 and 2 are in place.
I have no doubt these top 4 facts will enrich your life. It’s what love does. Happy Valentine’s Day—everyday!