Though my second language is Spanish, I looked to be sure. The word is Grecia (GREY-sha), however the question is because of an experience.

Star-peppered skies dotted the night as we crossed the vast ocean in late October. About 100 others traveled to Athens that year with Marilyn Hickey Ministries. We would see canals, catacombs, and temples; nevertheless this incorporates something I didn’t expect.

We arrived in Athens, enjoying a wonderful group welcome dinner. Mars Hill (see photo), where the Apostle Paul preached, was first on our tour and then on to Delphi, the ancient sanctuary of Apollo and the museum. Our trip to Meteora was extraordinary, and Corinth was another marvel.

Afterward, we bused to an evening church meeting. This is one of the features on the tours, ministering to people across the globe. We entered a room lined with chairs and smiling faces. My husband and I settled in a row in front of several women. They nodded, acknowledging they knew we were visitors.

At first, a feeling of “separateness” occurs because I don’t speak the language. Regardless, I snuggled into my seat. My husband went to talk to some in our group, and as I leaned into the curve of the chair, I heard something peculiar. The women—were speaking Spanish.

I turned and smiled. A language I understand! They looked at me quizzically, and I responded with a Spanish phrase. Their smiles broadened. We spoke for several minutes, and I discovered they had moved to Greece many years before.

Prayer time arrived. We stood against the outer walls of the sanctuary so that others could line up for prayer. The women stood in front of me, and we prayed in Spanish. In Grecia, thousands of miles from our home country’s, God provided a common ground.