Gifts are wonderful. We usually don’t know what they are until we receive them, they make us happy, and we don’t have to pay for them. But someone does.

Millions of men and women, young and old, served this country and gave. Some lost their limbs—others’ their lives. According to Wikipedia, approximately 1,354,664 have died in America’s history of war[1] and approximately 1,498,237 were injured. That’s close to 3 million. According to, about 57 million served in the military in war and peacetime in U.S. history.[2]

What does this have to do with a fence? There are fences called the, “I don’t like either candidate” fence, or “I don’t have a good choice” fence. To those who are sitting on any of those rails I’d say you not only have a choice but an obligation. Your gifts of freedom and the right to vote were paid for by close to 60 million people. If you can’t bring yourself to vote for the person—vote for the party, Republican or Democrat, which reflects your values. You have about 60 million reasons to get off your duff and vote November 8th.

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