There are days I eat the little morsels, and days I don’t. Sometimes, when I’m a little depressed, I’ll eat more than I should. Today I wondered, did God ever eat chocolate?

You know, when things go yay, yay, and everything’s all right, I don’t think about those sweet, brown pieces of tan objects so much. Then, there are times of nay, nay; disappointments and people letting me down, and, well, you know what happens.

What about God? When we let Him down, how does He feel?

Historically, the Israelites rejected their rescuer. I googled the computer about the number of times. One answer said at least fifteen to twenty. It seems like many more, but rejecting the Creator of mankind once may be considered once too many.

Adam and Eve rejected Him in the garden. They chose their own way instead of His. The Israelites rejected Him after He delivered them from Egypt when they made the golden calf. Numerous times thereafter Israel worshiped the gods around them. It seems it was an easy pitfall.

The first commandment says, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” They managed to worship at least thirty-five various idols throughout history. I would categorize this as a major disappointment to God. But what did He do?

As saddened as He was, He didn’t eat chocolate. Instead, He sent His son to die.

I need to remember the depth of His long-suffering when I’m disheartened. I think it will help stay my hand from chocolate–and depression. I hope it will help you too.