No, this is not about people addicted to apple pie–or a recipe of apple pie made with liquor. It’s about a story I read in lesson I took. It referenced a pastor who went to an apple orchard to pray. Workers came through to harvest and left behind quite a few apples. They told the pastor to feel free to take the leftovers. He gathered them though they were damaged and bruised and gave them to some of the women in church. And what did these women do with those apples? Well, they made scrumptious, beautiful, apple pie! God showed the pastor that a lot people were like these apples waiting to be gathered. [1]

My thoughts turned to why so many of us feel disconnected from society. I believe a lot depends on how we view our worth. Do we base it on what someone else has and we don’t? Is it on our number of friends? Is it if we’re not married or don’t have a significant other in our life? Does our significance depend on our education, finances, or a career? The truth is, there’s only one that can give us true substance.

When you buy something, don’t you decide whether you’ll pay the price on what you think it’s worth? If something is overpriced, we don’t fall over ourselves to purchase it.

God looked at us and came to earth in the form of man. He taught, healed, and then died so that we could spend eternity with Him. Are we worth it? He thinks so. He sees addicts, alcoholics, and whatever else we are as something desired, like apple pie. He makes us beautiful.

[1] Hurst, Randy. 2005. The Local Church in Evangelism, an Independent Study Textbook. 3rd Edition. Global University, pg. 190